Z fails to draw part 17. Regrouping

I’ve let it all out, so I have space to consider. I would like to draw once in a while, for pleasure. I’d like to understand and engage with the process. I’m not interested in landscapes or portraits, but in small detailed studies. I don’t rule out colour, but I’m not trying my hand at paint and, if ever I did, it would be oils. It won’t be, though.

So, for now, I’m going down the same route as with the guitar. Ten minutes at a time. Never mind setting aside an hour to slightly improve on the last attempt at a chair. Take a leaf, an indolent cat’s paw, the detail on the design of a plate. Anything that catches my eye. Try to draw it as I see it, note what I’ve done well or not, but not mind either way. Just sketch and see how it goes.

If I give it ten minutes a day for a while and see what happens, I might make some progress, I might engage with it, I might decide to stop. Of course, if I accidentally miss a day or spend longer, that’s fine too, but this is what I’m going for.

I didn’t manage very long on the guitar today. I’m really trying very hard and making decent progress, but the chords are a problem for me. Tim doesn’t get this at all: as far as he’s concerned, guitar playing is mostly about chords. But I only know two chords for sure, one more fairly well and a couple more at a push and I can only move reasonably accurately between the first two. And if I do it too quickly, I’ll get the right shape on the wrong strings. And I have no idea how anyone can do it, though clearly they can. So, while usually my practice involves some scales – working out scales has really helped – some exercises and chords, then going on to tunes, today I lost heart when I was really struggling with being overambitious with the bloody chord changes. Tomorrow, I’ll fail again. Will I fail better? You bet.

4 comments on “Z fails to draw part 17. Regrouping

  1. Blue Witch

    I think that you’ll do better now you’ve worked out what you want to draw. Small, carefully observed studies of things you enjoy looking at anyway are much more manageable than chairs and hands.

    And 10 minutes a day is an excellent way to work. I wish I had that sort of discipline!

    Sounds like botanical art might suit you…

    Good luck.

  2. allotmentqueen

    I agree with BW (at least I think I do). Still life with flowers or fruit/vegetables (maybe not Arcimboldo, but you get the picture).

    And for the guitar – why not try Spanish guitar – try Cavatina by John Williams. You’ll get the melody which you obviously love from the clarinet with the chords, but not strummed (I was going to say ‘not just strummed’ but I thought that would put Tim’s back up!)

  3. Z Post author

    I recognise the worth in what Betty advocates but it involves longer concentration than I can manage for now and I can’t deal with more boredom. So yes, I’m going with whatever takes my eye.

    Foggy Foggy Dew is the height of my ambition at present, AQ. John Williams is a bit above my capabilities. But I agree, I need to play to my (relative) strengths.


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