Z does housework

There’s not really much more to say about the Welsh visit. I didn’t leave the village except to go to the Co-op about four miles away (footpath sign says three miles, so it’ll be longer by road) and, on the last morning, to fill up with petrol. I worked on weeding the patio, cleaning the carpets, cleaning the caravan and making up the beds in the other room and washing the outside of the caravan itself. I was pleased that I remembered to check the gas bottles, so that I found that one had run out (automatically switching to the other) so I was able to let Joseph know that I needed a replacement. When he called round, we had a nice chat. Apart from briefly talking to bar staff and checkout staff, it was the only time I spoke to anyone. I thought I’d have gone for walks, but I was tired after all the work, so only walked down to and along the beach. The people I know on the caravan site weren’t there, which I didn’t mind. I don’t especially need to talk to people, I’m rather too good, if anything, with my own company, so I wasn’t especially lonely, except for Tim.

Then on Thursday, it was an uneventful trip back to Reading, where I found the electricity was off again. Evidently there is a fault, because when there’s a power cut it doesn’t turn back on. I’ve phoned the electrician, who will come and check everything. I already knew there was a ridge tile that had fallen into the gutter, so I got hold of a builder and he quoted less than I was steeled for to replace it, so I accepted that at once and he did the job at the weekend.

The bigger nuisance, once I got the electricity back on, was that the burglar alarm went off and I couldn’t turn it off, nor could the company remotely. I was put down for an emergency call-out, but then it started to sound again (a pre-alarm bleep) and this time I was able to shut it off, so I cancelled the call-out. I have got a service booked, though, as it’s due anyway. I’ve also got a gas boiler annual check booked. I’m going to sell this house in good order, I’m not the woman to do anything else. I haz my pride.

I worried a lot of the night, though, nodded off at around 6.30 and slept until after 9. Scurrying around, I was able to leave within the hour, so arrived with Veronica in time for lunch. So I said, let’s go out for lunch because I’m on holiday, dammit.

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