Z buys a Christmas tree

Yeah, I know, it’s still November. But, in mitigation, it’s not for me but for Wink and it’s staying outside for now. It’s growing in a pot and she didn’t want to risk the garden centre selling out of growing ones. Be assured that I won’t get one for us for at least a fortnight – unless I do, in which case it’ll still stay outside.

Having said which, I feel much more indulgent than usual to those who are decorating early, this year. It’s all so peculiar that we might as well all do what we want to keep our spirits up.

A few weeks ago, I started reminding myself of favourite museums – not the obvious ones but the smaller places. I should get back to that and I might extend it to other favourite places. Walled cities and towns, for instance. I love those. Not for a couple of days though, as I’m off down to Wink tomorrow. I thought lockdown was ending tonight but I’m a couple of days out: however, Wink is in our ‘bubble’ and I will only go to her house and nowhere else, so I don’t think I’m going too far beyond the rule boundaries. I’ll fill the car before I go and won’t need to do it again until I get home. So no ‘mingling.’ *Sigh*

Anyway, I’ve charged the phone with various downloaded programmes and will listen to the radio app all the way. And I’ve hardboiled some eggs and will make a sandwich to eat in a lay-by. Oh yes, Z knows how to have fun, all right.

5 comments on “Z buys a Christmas tree

  1. Kestrel

    Eating hard boil eggs on a lay by. Reminds me of my parents taking us home to visit my grandparents, we ate tomato egg sandwiches on the lay by too! It tasted much better at the lay by than at home cos it was so exciting going on a long long journey to another state. Have a good time at Wink and don’t wander too far off!!

  2. allotmentqueen

    We took some finished work back to Oxford on 1st October. We booked somewhere nearby to eat on the way up but what concerned us most was that no public toilets were going to be open, and we were not allowed in to the university but had to hand over the goods in the car park so we couldn’t avail ourselves of their facilities either.

  3. Blue Witch

    Agree with allotmentqueen – there are many ‘paths’ out of every layby down the A1… and an awful lot of tissues in odd corners. I have no problem with people having a quick wee – no different to a sheep or a cow – but, FFS, if you need to use toilet paper, take your own carrier bag to put it in, and take it home!

  4. Z Post author

    Public toilets are supposed to be open, but local authorities are using the excuse to avoid it. Really not acceptable. Though I’ve had many a wee behind a hedge in my time. When I was a child and not allowed in a pub at all, there wasn’t any option on a long journey.


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