Z and the slough of despond

Two more dull days. Sorry darlings, I have nothing to write about. I can’t get down to drawing – I have to have some feeling of dynamism to do that because it’s very difficult and the process isn’t enjoyable, though the result may be. Don’t think that I can sit down and sketch with any pleasure, because I haven’t the ability, as yet anyway. So I have to be fully engaged with it, or else I’ll do badly.

I meant to get a sourdough loaf on this evening, but that isn’t happening either. The trouble with doing it in the evening to rise overnight is that I don’t want to do anything after cooking and eating dinner. I’ll try to remember to do it at the same time as I cook, tomorrow.

What did go well was an inauthentic Spaghetti Carbonara. We had a pack of smoked salmon that needed to be used or frozen, but we didn’t feel like eating it, so into the freezer with it. I did, however, have some chorizo sausage and Tim suggested using that instead of bacon in a carbonara. I did exactly the usual recipe otherwise – eggs, nutmeg and parmesan; fried the bacon aka chorizo; cooked the spaghetti and mixed them all together once I’d drained, but not too much, the spaghetti. I also added a splash of extra dry Martini to the chorizo, which adds some syrupy oil once it’s simmered down. So, beating it all together in the hot pan, the paprika in the fat of the chorizo added a nice depth of colour and the hint of chilli and flavour of paprika was at least as good as the bacon would have been. I dished it straight out onto warmed plates, giving Tim a bit more – he can’t eat more, though, so the chickens are having a treat in the morning.

On Friday, the milkman comes and we have croissants for breakfast. That’s the highlight of the day, I guess. I didn’t get around to ordering Friday night takeaway, so maybe the smoked salmon will come right back out of the freezer. I do have various vegetables, but they’re quite random and I’m not sure what to make of them. There are eggs. Dozens of eggs.

6 comments on “Z and the slough of despond

  1. allotmentqueen

    The motivation has become extremely lacking, hasn’t it?
    Perhaps I shall try and make a list for tomorrow……

  2. Kestrel

    I find it funny when i read, “the milkman comes,” my milk man is in the supermarket in a carton of milk standing on the shelf. I pick him up and drive him home!! That is city living. I have some lazy days too when i feel like a beached whale and nothing can move me or roll me off the sofa. We find carbonara a bit too rich as Asians are not use to taking so much milk or cheese. But we love spaghetti and if i do make carbonara, I add some tomato paste .

  3. Scarlet

    Scrambled egg and smoked salmon is always a winner here!
    The weather hasn’t helped to dispel the doldrums over the past couple of days – it’s been so gloomy here that I have felt sofa bound.

  4. Z Post author

    We had scrambled eggs and smoked salmon in mind, but weren’t quite in the mood for it. I have to push myself to get anything done right now, which I know is partly lockdown and partly gloomy weather and I’ll get over it.

    You don’t get milkmen in big towns here, Kestrel, not any more. We’ve got a couple in this area and we’re lucky. Carbonara tastes richer than it really is, I think – just one egg and a bit of parmesan per person, but it tastes like more than that. I get what you say, though, in eastern Asia people often find milk substances indigestible.

  5. allotmentqueen

    There is a milkman round here who comes round between midnight and 3am, although there have been tales of people stealing the milk not long after it’s been delivered. We don’t drink enough milk to warrant him, though. Probably two pints lasts about ten days – unless I make cauliflower cheese or mac and cheese.

    1. Z Post author

      I only order one pint a week, as I only use milk occasionally in cooking, not in tea or coffee, but I do make yoghurt, which Tim and the cat eat. Eloise cat won’t eat shop yoghurt. It’s what I use as a starter, so I’ve no idea what she doesn’t like about it, but she will only eat my homemade. But anyway, I feel I have to order more to justify the milkman coming, so I have croissants, orange juice and butter too.


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