Z accentuates the positive

I keep quiet here if I can’t think of anything good, nowadays and it’s been a difficult week. But I felt a degree of resolve today and got some things done. The first five boxes from Tim’s house, for a start, as well as washing all the bedding and towels i’d brought back.

I’ll tell you what went awry another time, but I’ll be positive for now.

1 Polly bantam is still carrying on, hobbling about but eating well. I’ve remembered that her great-granny (probably – at least), another black girl, was also very poor in the legs as she got older. Russell was very fond of her and cosseted her, as I do Polly.

2 I’ve had a lot of school meetings in the last couple of weeks, most of them in Framlingham, which is three-quarters of an hour’s drive away and mostly meant early starts. But they’ve all gone very well and have rekindled my interest in school stuff, whilst confirming my decision to get out of school governorship. Too much like hard work, nowadays.

3 A week ago, I was scouting around for another 8-10 lots for October’s auction. No longer.

4 My lovely friend Lynn sent me flowers today.

5 My lovely ex-neighbour in Reading sent me a warm, kind WhatsApp today.

6 My sister Wink bought steaks the other night and I suggested barbecuing them. As I looked up how to light a barbecue, I realised I’d never lit one entirely by myself before. It was fine, of course, there’s not a lot to go wrong really. But another first.

7 It’s not 9 o’clock yet and I really want to go to bed. I’m nearly always exhausted in the evenings. However, I said last autumn that my blood pressure was so resolutely high that I wasn’t going to check it any more, because it was adding to stress levels. But I did, the other day, and it was 113/75 and so that’s another thing to dismiss from my mind.

4 comments on “Z accentuates the positive

  1. Scarlet

    Blood pressure is a funny thing – pain killers such as Ibuprofen make mine shoot through the roof – I’m pleased to read yours has settled.
    I’m always exhausted in the evenings and usually start falling asleep at 9pm – and then I end up getting up at 5 in the morning! Natural rhythms I guess.

  2. Blue Witch

    I’m surprised that anyone volunteers for anything these days, let alone to be a school governor.

    Glad the BP has settled down. Interesting what Scarlet says about Ibuprofen putting up BP, I didn’t know that, and having Googled it, it’s a common thing. Someone should tell GPs to ask people about NSAID usage before they continually dole out drugs to combat high BP.

  3. Madeleine

    When having had cataract operations the hospital sent blood pressure details to GP, immediately I was contacted, asked to keep a record of twice daily checks for a week, appointment with efficient and jolly nice GP who prescribed Amlodipine. GP arranged an ECG at surgery for about 10 days after I started medication and an appointment to check all was ok next week. Even the chemist has asked I pop in for a quick check, the main fear seemingly is swollen ankles, so far, so good.

    We are so blessed with our GP practice, it appears regularly on local media sites as the best, given there are so many surgeries/health centres in the area from which to choose. Even before it was a group practice I have been with them since I was about 12, before GDPR when my parents were alive the surgery would ask if I was ringing about my parents or my children!

  4. Z Post author

    I don’t take my blood pressure often enough to know what affects it, maybe I should. Interesting to know that quite ordinary medication affects it that much.

    I agree, BW. I was interviewing potential trustees. Though chatting with would be a better term, as it’s a voluntary role and it’s really a matter of finding a good fit.

    You’ve had cataract ops recently, Madeleine? I hope all has gone well. I think our GP practice is pretty good too, we’ve nothing at all to grumble about, luckily.


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