While Z is on the subject of jollity, blog party anyone?

Today, we’ve mostly been building a wardrobe. Tim has, anyway – my role was mostly admiring his handiwork, though I was useful a couple of times. In an awfully stereotypical way, while he was wielding screwdriver and hammer, I was making bread and yoghurt.

We went to the panto in the next village last night – it always takes place in the February half term. They’ve long since worked their way through all the traditional pantomime stories, so this one was a story, written by one of the clever villagers, taken from the Guy de Maupassant story that Britten’s Albert Herring was based on, set in the village itself with the local Cyder Club at its heart. A jolly night out, for once – usually we stay here and make our own jollity. As we did this evening, which culminated in a rendition of the drinking song from The Student Prince. I know, darlings, it’s no wonder people look at us with wonder in their eyes.

I can’t promise you any such exhibitionism this summer, but if you’re up for another blog party, you would, as always, be most welcome. We’re pretty free at present between, say, mid May and late July – if you would like another get-together, do say any preferred dates or those to avoid, and we’ll start to work on it. I’ll mention it on Facebook too and come back in a few days with possible dates.

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