When the greengrocer sells you lemons…


2 lemons, 100g sugar, 500ml boiling water.

Thinly peel the lemons. I use a potato peeler. Put the peel in a jug with 100g sugar (the original recipe was 4 oz sugar, but this is too sweet and 3 oz is too tart, I think), add the boiling water. Stir, cover and leave to cool. Squeeze the lemons, add the juice and pulp, strain into a bottle and refrigerate. Dilute as much as you like.

A splash added to iced (milkless, of course) tea is lovely too.

7 comments on “When the greengrocer sells you lemons…

  1. Martina

    In the States, a mix of one part lemonade to two parts iced tea is called an Arnold Palmer. Very refreshing on hot summer days.

    1. Z Post author

      Friends have told me that you can make tea by adding teabags to cold water. I did that today and didn’t add any sugar, so the lemonade flavour really came through.

      1. Martina

        Solar tea! I put a pitcher with water and a few teabags in the sunshine yesterday afternoon. Brewed in an hour! No need for sugar as the lemonade has enough when mixed.

    2. Sarah

      Arnold Palmer came up in a Stephen King book I was reading last week. i had to stop reading to look up what it was


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