Upon a painted ocean

I’ve lost my blog voice and I’ve lost most of my ‘voice,’ come to that. Days just drift by and I find it difficult to remember what day of the week it is. I have alerts on my phone to remind me of anything coming up, because I don’t look in my diary very often now.

The pretentious title is from The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, of course. Sorry. I do think in quotations, as Tim mentioned just a few minutes ago as we chatted after dinner.

This week, though, let’s catch up on my week. No, I’ve just realised how long it is since I wrote anything. The last ten days.

I drove down to Wink last Wednesday, to help her with more packing. She’s struggling, because she should have had a new hip six months ago and still hasn’t got a revised date. I stayed two nights this time – two whole nights! I took the day in between as an autumn holiday – and relaxed for a bit. We did go to the banks in Warminster. I use internet banking, but I had two cheques for larger sums that can be paid in online, and two more (for a different bank because I have different names) that had two signatories and the app couldn’t deal with that. Otherwise, we chatted and laughed and drank – and packed up the car to the gunwales, if you’ll excuse the incorrect allusion. Pronounced gunnels, of course.

I returned on Friday, perfectly legally; though going down to see her then wouldn’t have been. I filled up the car on the way down and back, using the pay at the pump facility every time, so didn’t feel that I’d bent the rules in the least. There isn’t a bank in Yagnub so I’d have had to go out of town anyway.

On Sunday, again perfectly legally, I had several lovely chats with friends (I will never take this for granted again) because there was a short outdoor Remembrance Sunday service at the war memorial in the village. There were a dozen of us, and another two turned up a few moments later and joined in.

Today, the electricity was off for several hours. We’d been notified of this in advance, but it left us without coffee. Heating a saucepanful of water is not acceptable. So we went to the deli for takeaway coffee – which was okay but not as good as Tim’s, so I look forward to a lovely cupful tomorrow. In the afternoon, I took Eloise cat for her booster vaccination.

Darlings, you see why I have nothing to blog about? I do have a lot of blogable thoughts, but by the time I get to the computer, I’ve lost interest if I’ve thought about it, or forgotten if I haven’t. I’m drifting, silent as a painted ship … which is where I came in.

5 comments on “Upon a painted ocean

  1. Z Post author

    Thank you, yes we are all drifting in similar but distanced boats. It’s an apology for not keeping up to scratch, but I forgive myself, because I, like everyone else, copes however I can.

    1. Z Post author

      So true, but at least that’s nearly the weekend, so wine is totally legit at any time of the day. Except breakfast. We still have standards.


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