Uneasy lies the head, even without the crown

Rose called in today, to help me trim Polly Bantam’s claws. it’s a funny thing, she’s the only one who has ever needed to have her toenails cut. She’s getting an old girl now – Polly, darlings, do keep up. Rose is young and lovely – and hobbles a bit. But she still gets by and quietly enjoys her life. She’s over 7 years old now, as are Scrabble, Jenga and Jabber the Cluck, but she has slowed down the most. Scrabble is sitting hopefully, though I remove the eggs every day because more chicks aren’t going to happen.

I seem to have turned into Russell. The chickens are very tame and come to me, most of them will eat out of my hand and let me pick them up. Thank goodness I rehomed the tortoises, I can do without them as another obligation. I’ve rather turned into Tim too, and wonder what happened to me. I make no complaint, anything that brings me closer to them and does no harm shouldn’t be complained about.

Not a lot happened otherwise, I mostly caught up with laundry. Three loads, which is quite a lot from someone who lives alone. All line-dried by this evening and I’d baked a loaf of bread as well. Yesterday, as well as making the dough to prove overnight, I made a lot of tiny meringues, at Veronica’s request. I think they’d keep fine in tins, but I’ve frozen them to be on the safe side. I’ve promised to make sausage rolls and bread as well, but they’re jobs for next week. Tomorrow, i’ve a visit to the dentist. I had a check-up a couple of weeks ago and he said he didn’t need to see me for a year … two days later, a filling fell out, because OF COURSE IT DID AFTER THE VISIT, NOT BEFORE. It’s right at the back, no hurry for an emergency appointment. I’ll potter in and see if he can fill it or if he’ll shake a heavy head and say I need a crown.

2 comments on “Uneasy lies the head, even without the crown

  1. Glenda

    Ha! your Rose comment made me laugh out loud. Oh no, the filling. It’s always right after an appointment.

    1. Z Post author

      Because it was a filling he’d only done in December, but it hadn’t bonded, he didn’t charge – though if it happens again, it probably will mean a crown.


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