Too many truffles

That’s the fungus truffles, not the chocolate sort. It’s something the writer Colette said (quoted by Elizabeth David, I think, but I’m slightly too lazy to check, right now): that, if she couldn’t have too many truffles, she wouldn’t have truffles. I get that, but not about truffles because I’ve never been in the situation to have ‘too many.’

It’s about returning to things. I get emails from venues or societies I subscribe to or support, that are opening up again. The National Gallery and Royal Academy, the British Museum and Victoria and Albert, Snape Maltings and a number of concert halls. They are desperate for support and I have, indeed, watched various events online, whether paid for or not. But I’m not keen to travel for several hours for a shortened event, wearing a facemark and there being few spectators because of ‘social’ distancing. If I can’t do it how I like it, I’m really not sure that I want to do it at all. Perhaps I should buy a ticket and just not bother to go? But then someone who would go might not get a ticket. Can I call myself interested in art or music if I can’t be bothered to support it? Well, evidently not enough.

Restaurants can finally open their doors and I met friends for lunch yesterday. Wink is taking us out for lunch again next week. But the weather has been awful and I haven’t been at all tempted to go and huddle outside under an awning in the cold, for the sake of ‘eating out’ while outdoor eating was all that was permitted. I’ll not count the cost when I do, but I won’t put myself out to do so.

I’m not at all keen to return to any sort of communal transport, whether public or not. Trains can take a running jump, frankly. Much as I like going to London, I have had so many delayed and miserable journeys over the years and a break from them has opened my eyes. As for airports, I’d already made my mind up about them. I hate most English airports; the large ones anyway. Better to fly from Norwich to Schiphol (Amsterdam) and fly anywhere in the world from there. Although, admittedly, your luggage is more likely to go astray if it isn’t a direct flight. Tim isn’t keen on going anywhere much, which makes me unhappy. He’s had far more holidays than I have and, whilst I take his point, I still have places I would like to visit or revisit and I don’t want to go without him. Circumstances dictated to me for many years and, whilst I wouldn’t let that happen if I had my time over again, I won’t have it. I only have now. I’m not quite sure what to do with now.

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  1. Blue Witch

    I’m glad we have travelled as much as we have, and now live in an area of ‘constant holiday feeling’ as I have absolutely no inclination to do any of those indoor/close proximity things either.


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