Today, Z mostly washed windows

We’re all in various degrees of lockdown all over the world, which is an odd feeling. United in one sense, totally physically divided in another. Last night, Al organised a family get-together via Zoom, which worked well and will be repeated next week. Ro is kindly posting videos of his children on Facebook, which he doesn’t otherwise use, and we’re making more effort to phone – no one in my family or Tim’s is used to phoning each other much.

It is Al’s birthday today and Weeza’s is on Saturday. I posted cards and put money into their bank accounts. Seems rather a cop-out, but I can’t go shopping and most things are out of stock online that might be a cheery little treat. I did think ahead, however, and sent exuberant quantities of chocolate for Easter from Hotel Chocolat for each family. Since Tim and I would take a year to eat £30sworth (free postage, darlings), he is not getting such a treat, though the deli and the wholefood shops both do sell chocolate – but we are not indulging ourselves. We always eat well and that isn’t changing, but we haven’t eaten anything extra.

I need a new subject to blog about. I don’t want to ignore the pandemic – not often that you know you’re living through an age that will go down in history, but there are plenty of other people recording it and my feelings will bore myself, as well as you lovely people. I blog the personal stuff best – without any worrying indiscretions, of course, mostly because there are very few of them – but what haven’t I told you about? I am not sure. Any ideas?

4 comments on “Today, Z mostly washed windows

    1. Z Post author

      The yeast will just about hold out, though I’ll need more flour. Fresh vegetables are the only other item I need regularly and I’ll grow some of those.

    1. Z Post author

      There’s plenty of bread now, I trust the people who don’t normally bake will stop buying all the flour and yeast. A friend has offered some sourdough starter, though it feels to me just one more thing to be looked after. Still, thank you – it’s on my vague mental list of things to be tried one of these days.


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