Though our hearts are yearning…

Having tried smokeless fuel on our new stove last night, we were very pleased to come down this morning and find the embers still glowing.  Tim put a few sticks on and it was blazing in no time.  So if the winter changes course and gets really cold, we’ll be all right for quite easy heat (easy for me as I’m not yet carrying anything heavy).  The coal merchant is only a mile down the road and I know the owners, who are really nice people – their daughter was at school with Ro … which is by the way really, but it’s good to go in and address the person in the office by name and introduce my husband to her.  Although I use the internet a fair bit for shopping, I do shop locally when I can.  I just don’t often go further afield than Yagnub.  We only bought a couple of bags this time but will have a load delivered at some time.  The price goes down in the summer – well, unless the pound keeps heading downwards.  Predictions aren’t really on nowadays.

The second batch of marmalade was made this morning.  I’ll get more oranges next week.  Tomorrow, now I think about it – LT is off again on Tuesday and we’ll each be on our own for a couple of days again.  So we’ll go shopping and I’ll get stocked up so that I want for nothing.  ‘Cept him, obvs, but that’s just the way it is.

I might make a cake while he’s away, too.  But don’t tell him, obvs.  I want it to be a surprise.


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