The sky was grey

Not all the time, we’ve even had sunshine in heavy rain showers. But it’s all pretty grey on the whole. Luckily, when I went out mid-afternoon to shut up the greenhouse, I thought I’d give the chickens some mealworm treats and they all came home, so I was able to shut up their run and didn’t have to cajole them inside later. They were not pleased with me and clustered disconsolately round the entrance to the tunnel, staring at me. I’ll let them out early tomorrow as I have to be out before 9, to get my second vaccination. I’ll vote in the local elections on my way home, which together seem to me to be quite enough achievement for the day. Anything extra is a bonus. I’m so bored. So, so bored and yet I have little inclination to get much done.

Still, never mind. It will get better. Next week, Tim and I are planning to head down to his place for a couple of days. He needs to find a new gardener and has a couple of interviews lined up. I’m just going to keep him company. I haven’t been there since early February last year. Wink will be in sole charge here for a couple of days. I must buy more Go Cat for the outside cats, they will surely succeed in convincing her that they’re woefully underfed (their bellies sway underneath them as they walk) and that they need double rations if they aren’t to starve to Actual Real Death. Likewise, Eloise cat will persuade her that she cannot eat the food put out for her, but needs a different brand, each three times a day. She does not know this yet and I’m no snitch.

5 comments on “The sky was grey

  1. allotmentqueen

    Had our second jabs today and posted our ballot papers yesterday (all 4 of them!). So far, so good. Went over to postal votes several years ago when they kept changing the polling station to be further and further away. Best thing we’ve done.

  2. Glenda

    Yes, they will tell Wink of their starvation under your cold care. I have to put flea preventative on my 3 today, and it will KILL them. Oh the horror

  3. Blue Witch

    Not being a FB or Instagram sort of person, I need to see this new contraption!

    I’ve always found that cats given no choice eventually capitulate and eat whatever is on offer. You are too soft!

  4. Z Post author

    Hello darlings, sorry for the silence.

    I quite like voting in person, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I go over to a postal vote eventually. The polling station is the village hall and it can’t really be anywhere else, only five minutes’ walk. I saw several people I knew, including the polling clerk, so it was my social excursion of the day.

    Eloise makes less fuss about her flea stuff than she used to – I haven’t put any on her yet this year. I generally wait until she scratches but now Rummy doesn’t live here, she’s probably less likely to get fleas. He’s a more adventurous cat than she is.

    I am indeed too soft, BW. I’ll put a photo of the chicken run up tomorrow. It’s all working well at present and they are very happy.

    No real problems, Mago, just a persistent mild headache. It’s getting less, though and I’m not complaining.


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