The day didn’t start well….

When I arrived home on Thursday night, I noticed a funky smell in the porch. Couldn’t think what it was, but several things had been delivered, mostly cat food (I have to buy it in bulk for the outside cats) and I’d put the big crate that Tembo the elephant was packed in there too. It was late and I was too tired to think about it. So I was the next day too. Yesterday, I cleared all the stuff out but this morning it still ponged. It didn’t smell dead but I wondered if Eloise cat had stashed a mouse and searched.

Not a mouse, she’d forgotten her house training, or maybe was punishing me, and there was a substantial poo in the corner. Luckily it’s a tiled floor but she’d managed to get it a bit up the rendered wall. She must have done it the day I left, I’d have recognised the whiff if it had been fresh. I cleared it up, sprayed with cleaner, wiped again and then, in the absence of air freshener, sprayed a bit of Febreze around. It seems to be all right now. Eloise graciously shared my breakfast egg, so she didn’t still hold a grudge.

This afternoon, I’ve managed to deal with some admin. I started this morning and was half way through the ‘tell us once’ process, whereby official bodies – pensions, car tax and so on – are notified, when the Rector called round. Of course, I left it and took up an hour or so of his time, so was timed out of the website and started again.

Everyone is really very helpful. One sometimes reads that official bodies aren’t and that must be awful when one is affected, but it’s never been my experience. There’s still a lot to do, but at least I’ve begun the process. Two insurances and Tim’s mobile have been transferred to me and the bank has been told and will send me a list of Tim’s regular incoming and outgoing payments.

Ronan and family are coming over tomorrow. So blessings are being counted. Also, I found a bowl with a plate over it in the fridge yesterday. I didn’t know what it was, investigate cautiously for fear it was ancient, and discovered it to be leftover mushroom risotto that I’d made when Wink and Rose came for dinner. So that will be my dinner tonight. Just as well, because it’s not easy to be motivated to cook. I was glad to discover some bread in the freezer, I can’t be bothered to make any at present. I did make some sourdough crackers the other night, which is incredibly easy if you’ve got rye sourdough starter, and Wink and I ate some of them, but I gave the rest to the chickens in the morning. I’m eating adequately but I’m never hungry, so have to remember to eat.

3 comments on “The day didn’t start well….

  1. Scarlet

    I thought the pong was going to be the cat food – I used to buy the plastic trays of dog food in the plastic trays, and one time the lids weren’t sealed properly – oh my goodness did they pong after a while – I had to throw too many away. So now I only buy cans.
    Yes, the admin – daunting – but a relief when it’s done.

    1. Z Post author

      The barn cats have become so picky that they will only eat the expensive brand that Eloise has, which only comes in pouches. I hate them, I’d much rather buy cans.

      I’ll do all I can on Monday. The bank is going to send me details of Tim’s bank account, which will include regular payments, so I can get the rest transferred to me before they lapse.


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