The good thing about not having slept much was that I was up early enough to have planted out all the outdoor tomatoes and cucumbers, watered the greenhouse and fed the chickens and the cats and – and, darlings – started to turn out the study, all before breakfast.  I know it’s true that I didn’t sleep much, because I downloaded an app.  Yes indeed, sad woman that I am, I wanted to verify my insomniac nights by using an outside monitor.  Though it wasn’t for the purposes of whinge-bragging so much as to check whether I really wasn’t sleeping or whether I just thought I wasn’t.  The first two nights, of course, I slumbered peacefully for many happy hours.  Not so much last night – but enough of that.  Even I am almost dribbling with boredom.

After breakfast – I haven’t finished bragging, I’m afraid – I finished the study, sorted out the summer duvet for the bed, hung up some clothes and put others in the wash – sooner or later, you’re all going to work out that my monthly cleaners were due.  Aside from these domestic virtuousnesses, though, i bought wrapping paper and cards and wrapped two grandsons’ birthday presents; one two days early and one more than a fortnight.  I amaze myself sometimes, ’tis true.  And then I made chocolate brownies and naan bread.

Dilly and the boys called in and made inroads into the brownies, as well as strawberries they had brought.  Enormous ones, about the biggest I’d ever seen, in contrast to those that I bought yesterday from Simon the Greengrocer.  Both were local, both delicious and juicy.  After tea, I took them round the garden – various animals to see and a newt kindly basked on the surface of the water for them, and they were charmed by the Serama bantams.  I was pleased too – until now, Mona my remaining bantam has been rather hen-pecking the other two smaller hens.  But this afternoon, there was a change.  All three, plus the cock, were pecking at their food relaxedly and the little ones weren’t afraid and Mona wasn’t pushing in for the choicest bits.

All the same, I have been awake since half past five and I’m starting to flag.  I must leave post unopened until tomorrow and emails unanswered.  Except one, from someone coming to the blog party and asking what she might bring.  And another, from Kippy – I’m going to email from the bath.  Good job I’m not going to use Skype, innit.


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