Sunday is the weekend

I’ve sold a few more pieces of china and I’m feeling pretty chipper. I’ve got the paperwork for the sale in an envelope, which I haven’t opened. I was going to, today, but I haven’t done it. Enough: I only work at the weekend if I have to, nowadays. It used to be routine but I have woken up.

I’m not counting clients calling in to pick up their china, though, especially if I sell an extra piece. And I’ve sorted out builder and gasman and solicitor too, it’s been quite enough for now. Tim is in Reading for a couple of days and I’ve got tomorrow morning to get down to business.

If I don’t get everything done that I want to, I will be obliged to kick myself. And that would be silly.

I’ve arranged to meet Ro and co on Wednesday for lunch, anyway, so that will be great. Tim will be back by then. We’re meeting at the lovely local farm shop. There are lots of animals – I think there’s a farm trail, if they want to do it, but there’s a number of them roaming around as you drive in, plus others in pens in the field. They’ve got Jersey cows, known as the Goddesses, plus various other farm animals, and the geese, guinea fowl, goats, emus, peacocks etc are pets.

4 comments on “Sunday is the weekend

  1. savannah49

    Huzzah! Things went well and now you have a luncheon date ahead! I have to think of a costume for Halloween because the grandchildren have decided that we MUST be in costume! Somehow going as a “Grandmother and Grandfather” wasn’t allowed! xoxo

  2. Kestrel

    Your pix of the little China jugs look so pretty. I hope I can getting this right as they may not be little jugs!! Hope you have an enjoyable day at the local farm shop meeting the animals. They never complain right!

  3. Z Post author

    Thank you, I’ve paid everyone and just have a couple more people to get money from. I had to use my own money to pay the salesroom up front, and now I have to sort all the money out in different accounts!

    They are indeed little jugs. Known as sparrowbeaks because of the shape of the pouring part.

    I’d be a bit dismayed if I had to manage a Halloween or any other costume! I don’t know what I’d do. Not for myself anyway, I can be imaginative for a child.


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