So far, so good

I drove down to Reading yesterday, having invited friends for dinner (and resolved to buy in everything ready made). And, though it took a while to clear up this morning, it was a really good idea. I bought various startery things to have with some prosecco, then braised lamb shanks, squash and sweet potato, ready cubed, mashed potatoes (yes, mashed already) and a bag of spinach, then Normandy apple tart and crème frâiche. For someone who normally cooks everything from scratch, this was daring and exciting. The friends were excellent company as always and it was good not to spend last evening alone.

I’m at the Hilton at Heathrow now, just about to have a shower and then a leisurely, solitary meal. I was thinking of having another lateral flow test this evening, but I might as well not bother. I’ve got it booked for the morning and, if the worst happened and it’s positive, I’ll be advised on postponing my flight. There’s no reason to think it will be, I’ve escaped so far and I haven’t spent time with anyone for the last few weeks who hadn’t just tested negative. I am trying hard not to worry, it won’t help.

The other thing I did this morning was unpack and repack my suitcase, better and with a dress and some other bits and pieces removed. Too much stuff. I like to travel light. The main baggage allowance is 23k (about 50 pounds) and I’m about a stone short of that.

I’ll let you know how the test goes in the morning. Toodle-pip!

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