Really me, as the Sage used to say

Wednesday already. I just go to bed when I’m tired nowadays and that rather cuts out blogging. I should blog earlier, of course.

Yesterday, I had to pick up papers from my solicitor to send on to the solicitor dealing with the sale of Tim’s house. There’s a reason I am not using the same firm for the latter and, obviously, I’m saying nothing about it. But it does complicate matters somewhat. I may still have to buy from the government website a copy of Tim and Viv’s marriage licence, dating from 1988.

In the afternoon, I went for a routine mammogram – this is the last for which i’ll receive a call. I’ll still be entitled to one in the future, but I’ll have to ask for it. Afterwards, i went to the garage to ask them to turn off the bloody child lock at the back. This has always been dangerous but, since children have been obliged to be put into car seats, it’s been pointless too. Yet it’s on and I haven’t been able to switch it off, nor has Phil. When I got to the garage, Rory couldn’t suss it either and nor could a mechanic to start with. But finally he discovered that the button that controls the rear windows also controls the rear doors. So why isn’t that in the manual? Really me, as Russell used to say.

I put the car to charge overnight and drove to Norwich this morning, but it hadn’t charged. This was no problem, I’d plenty of range, but the charger wasn’t working. I put it on the home circuit and it charged. So back to the garage. My cable worked, so it’s the charge point – “try turning it off and turning it on again.” Eh. Yes, that worked, until I tried again later and it’s playing up again. But no matter, I’ve got another string to my bow and, if that doesn’t do the trick, the guy who installed it will be phoned.

I’ve posted the papers and the car is charged and I’ve arranged to pick up Rose to take her to lunch tomorrow. And I’ve had a nice chat with Weeza and offered to look after their little dog while they go on holiday this summer. Tim’s brother and sister-in-law are coming to stay tomorrow night, which will be lovely. I’ll give myself a day in hand and then go off to Pembrokeshire.

While in Norwich, I bought a dress and a skirt from Hobbs. Couldn’t find shoes I liked, though. Where are the good shoes?

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