Pleasant Waveney Valley Friday. Hm. Perhaps not.

I’ve pretended to be productive. I’ve been quite busy but I’ve been faffing round the edges rather than getting on with the really necessary bits. Not sensible but I need a bit more backbone yet and I’m feeling emotionally wobbly again. I know it’s going to happen, on and off, for months at least and I just have to bear it until it fades into the background for a bit, recognising that it’ll whack back over me again at some time. This isn’t for me, saying this, it’s for anyone who’s been bereaved. It’s awful and just hang on.

Anyway, I’ve put a lot of Tim’s CDs on shelves and all his DVDs. I’ll play them, gradually, and find out what I want to put on to my computer and what I’ll not listen to again. We took hundreds to the recycling place – the ones that he’d stored in the spare bedroom were the ones we reckoned he’d decided not to keep. He always bought music – though he did listen to Spotify too – because he supported musicians.

I often listen on Spotify to music I’ve bought, so that the musicians get paid a bit, all over again.

I’ve also set up all his audio stuff and his tv. I have merely put them in place though, someone who cares about subwoofers and so on can actually do the wiring up. I took photos as we took everything apart, that’s good enough for my contribution.

Tomorrow, we’ll see. I hope I manage something useful.

5 comments on “Pleasant Waveney Valley Friday. Hm. Perhaps not.

  1. Blue Witch

    Taking pictures of wiring is so sensible. It (and pictures of new pipework etc that then becomes hidden) has helped us out of a tight spot many times.

    Every little thing you do is useful towards the end goal… drip, drip, drip, and one day there’s enough for a flood. That’s the only way to look at clearing up that much stuff.

    If/when you dispose of any more CDs, could you possibly save some for me (just the discs, not the boxes)? We use them as woodpecker protection drawing pinned onto the beehives (woodpeckers see themselves, think it’s another woodpecker and fly off and leave the bees alone), and the discs go brittle and disintegrate after a couple of winters. Now that we don’t use CD/DVDs to record TV or back up photos any more our stock is down to very few. Happy to pay P&P! No urgency, we’re OK for the next year, but if you do have ones you’re getting rid of, and could just pile them up somewhere in a carrier bag that would be fantastic. And one more use out of them.

    1. Z Post author

      Yes of course, if you’ll email me your address I’ll send on any that would be thrown away. In the first instance, I’ve found some that I got as freebies and didn’t want, so I can send them to you. Or it might be convenient for you to call in some time, of course, before you shake the East Angulan dust from your wellies.

    1. Z Post author

      It’s the council recycling place, it’s far more than a tip. Genuinely impressive. They recycle, including reuse/sell/give away, over 70% of what’s taken in. You can take part-used paint pots and, if what’s left is usable, it’s given to those who need and can’t afford it. There’s a Sue Ryder stall, a place for books, furniture, clothing, other fabrics, shoes etc, a dump for actual rubbish, it’s all sorted immediately and the staff are brilliant and very helpful. I have to be realistic, the car was crammed full twice and no charity shop with mostly voluntary help could cope with that in a day. Couple of boxes, fine. And Fiona did take a few things more suited to a charity shop. But the scale of what I have to deal with, most people would just dump in several skips. I’m doing my absolute respectful best and she is too.


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