Pillock is content

I went out to visit the chickens and gave them some cheese rinds. It was quite easy to pick up one of them, the darker girl in the foreground, though she protested as I carried her the 100 metres or so to where Pillock’s run is. He was thrilled. I went back and picked up another, who is a friendly and gentle little bird, who didn’t protest. The video I took of him picking up grains of corn and dropping them, then chirping to encourage them to feed, was charming but too big to post here. All was well, I hope they’ll be happy together. I might put another chicken in with them, I’ll see what Wink says when she comes home tomorrow.

I have to keep the cover on the run so that there’s no risk from wild birds – I don’t think there is likely to be, but restrictions are still in place while there’s avian flu in the country. But they have grass and fresh air, they’re all right.

Pillock’s neck feathers are starting to grow back. The four remaining cockerels are edgy together, so I hope there are no more fights. There’s plenty of room and plenty of wives for all of them, if only they’d relax. But it’s not in their nature. Still, at least this has gone well today.

Wink will be home tomorrow and Rose is coming over for lunch. So it’ll be another good day.

2 comments on “Pillock is content

  1. Glenda

    Well, glad you had success with the chickens. Things like that give you pleasure, don’t they, which we need to savor any little bit we get.


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