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We went to Norwich today to meet Weeza and co for lunch and a walk. We parked both cars near the Cathedral – that is, the public car park next to the law courts and the Adam and Eve pub, which is convenient for all three places.

Being called for jury service must be a nice earner for Norwich council, actually. A friend who was called for jury service had no realistic option but to drive there and park for the day. Several times, she wasn’t selected and drove home again with most of her ticket time unused. I can quite see why the council doesn’t want to change the system to park for as long as you’re there.

We headed up the hill to the cathedral though, and I gave more than the suggested family donation because it seemed decent to do so as there were six of us, and strolled round for a bit. “A lot of pictures of Jesus,” someone mused, though that seems fair enough, for several reasons. A quick trip round the cloisters and we went up to the refectory for lunch.

This was genuinely impressive, for a sandwich lunch. Weeza and I both had chicken and avocado, which were such huge sandwiches that I needed a knife and fork. There was a nice salad to accompany it. Wink and Phil had sausage sandwiches, Gus had ham and cheese, plus a massive, homemade sausage roll and Zerlina had a ham sandwich. Various soft drinks and coffees, the bill was a shade over £50 and very good value, particularly for the food. I had to remove the top slice of bread, it was more than I could eat – there must have been half an avocado and a chicken breast in there.

Afterwards, remembering my guided tour about the Kett Rebellion back in the summer, I led the way round the back of the cathedral and down to the river. It was a mild day, cloudy with odd bursts of sunshine. It was nice. And here are a few pictures I took.

No one, other than I (and only once) had been along the river bank that way and, though damp December isn’t the best time of year, we all appreciated it. I told them about Kett’s Heights and recommended that, for a summer’s day.


Dilly looked up the birdhouses and found this

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    1. Z Post author

      They’re amazing. We wondered that too. I don’t know, I’ll have to go back in early summer and hang about. There aren’t houses very near, it wouldn’t matter if it’s noisy. I would love to think that this summer will be my year to just poke about in Norwich and explore my home city.


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