Photos at last

Here are some of the photos. I took hundreds, I won’t inflict them all on you. To start with, I excitedly took photos from the plane. I have no excuse except “excitedly.”

We meant to go out on the first day but we were too busy talking and the next day it snowed. It didn’t settle in Smyrna, though it did to the east and north. Beautiful houses, the development was built in the 1980s but the standard is far higher than any small estate here.

My hostess grew up in the wonderful town of Savannah in southern Georgia. The old houses have been restored, thanks to a group of people who decided they needed to be saved and encouraged homeowners to buy and repair them. Exactly who should be given most credit is up for debate, not by me, this might be a post for another time.

Paddle steamer, wonderful. And lunch was proper southern food. Fried catfish, fried chicken, pork chops, collard greens (which you sprinkle with vinegar steeped with green chillis), creamed corn, mac and cheese (counts as a vegetable) and green beans. And sweet tea, obvs.

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