Our specs are saved

Well, moving on. Tim and I went to have eye tests yesterday. I normally have them every year – that is, a biennial sight test and an annual contact lens test. But my local optician didn’t survive lockdown, which isn’t really surprising. It’s the third branch of an independent firm and the actual optometrist was only there once a week. When the receptionist phoned to tell me last April, she asked if my notes could go to one of their other branches (I know I’ve mentioned this before) and I agreed they could. But, in more than a year, they hadn’t been in touch, so I went for the cheap option and booked at Specsavers. Tim’s eye test was well overdue, so I booked him in at the same time, with his agreement.

Their equipment is modern and their staff are very good. I can see why they’re the leaders in the field. I’ve come away with a tweaked prescription – slightly less shortsighted, slightly increased (but still not bad) astigmatism. My new lenses are silicone and have much improved oxygen permeability, so I can, if I wish, wear them night and day. It’s unlikely I will wish to, but I know I can. And they’re cheaper. If I’d been recommended new glasses, I’d have had them, but the optometrist said it wasn’t necessary as the prescription is so nearly the same: this lack of upselling was impressive.

No sign of glaucoma or macular degeneration, but early indication of cataracts in both eyes. He doesn’t expect any deterioration of eyesight soon, so I can go for the two-year check. I’m not at all upset about the cataracts, I would have been if it were either of the other things but I can shrug that off.

Tim had been concerned about his left eye but it’s only a cataract too. So he’s being referred to a specialist and it’ll be dealt with. In the meantime, his old glasses are okay as well. We’re both impressed.

4 comments on “Our specs are saved

  1. Blue Witch

    And the good thing about Specsavers is that – even though they are only franachises – all their branches are electronically connected, so they can pull your records through instantly and electronically if you move. In theory, at least. We will know if it actually works next week!

  2. Tim

    I was hoping to be told I needed new glasses asap, because I don’t like these frames and the lenses are a bit scratched. But hey, the state of the eyes outbids that of the glasses, innit?


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