On the road again

We’re in Reading, at LT’s place, for a few days. As Eloise cat still isn’t allowed outside, we decided to bring her. She doesn’t enjoy a long car journey, but she can cope with it.

We got All The Jobs done and set off, and it was when we were stopping at the village post box to post the letter that I’d amazingly managed to write that I realised I hadn’t picked up my phone. On our way home, I also remembered I hadn’t set the burglar alarm. The house isn’t empty of course, it never is, but I still set the alarm.

We were on the road by 10.35 and hoped to get here well before 2 o’clock. The sun brings out the woo-hoo in drivers, though, so there were a couple of accident delays. There was a third but we belatedly turned on the satnav, which warned of and avoided it. On the flyover, we saw the traffic jam we’d missed.

Eloise cat has explored the house and seems quite okay, though she cried a lot on the way here. She doesn’t blame us and is cuddly. We’ve got a couple of social occasions set up, with friends that are beloved enough to have been invited to our wedding (such a small affair that this is a solid demonstration) and we brought a lot of the food and LT shopped for the rest.

It’s hot here. Hotter than Norfolk. I like the heat, but I slept this afternoon once we arrived. I suspect I won’t tonight, though. I may end up reading on the sofa. Idiot, but that’s how it is.

One comment on “On the road again

  1. Scarlet

    The sun brings out the woo-hoo in drivers !
    Indeed it does, I was nearly run over three times the other day – it doesn’t help that the council have filled in the natural traffic calming measures called ‘potholes’.


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