No longer egregious Greta

As I said yesterday, I thought the little chicken, now named Greta, was spending time in the compost heap and that’s where, it turned out, the silly little girl was roosting. Underneath a spray of nettles, in a dip in the far corner – no wonder she was wet the other day, she had no shelter at all. And the reason she’d chosen that place was that she was optimistically sitting on three eggs.

Having clocked her, when I went out to feed the cats, I decided to leave it until dusk. It was quite undramatic in the end. She was unsuspecting, I clambered over the cabbage leaves and potato peelings and swooped on her. She’s now back amongst the others and I’ve thrown down extra mealworm treats today to show her that it’s worth being part of the flock after all.

One of the big chickens died the other day. She was in a nest box, facing away from the front and she hadn’t moved by the next day. This was Christmas Day and I wasn’t going to check on her then, though I suspected the old girl had passed on, so picked her up yesterday. I’d noticed last week that she wasn’t looking great, but she and her sister were moulting and both looked bedraggled. They’re at least five years old, maybe six, so it was simply old age.

I trust there will be considerably less drama in regard to chickens from now on.

Someone recommended a book about drawing to me – it might have been Scarlet, who was very encouraging a few weeks ago (but if it wasn’t, apologies and thanks to whoever it was) – and I’ve been given it for Christmas. Surprising that I started to feel panicky on just reading the introduction, but the writer (and teacher) acknowledged the fear that non-drawers have when faced with pencil and paper. Fortunately, she recommends a few aids which I don’t yet have, so I have respite before I actually give it a go. I’m positive I’ll fail and, though I don’t mind failing, I’m not even sure I’ve truly got the will to try very hard. I don’t think I’ll enjoy it. But, in the way that sometimes one doesn’t look forward to going out but then finds that the party is an absolute joy, I’m going to give it a genuine shout.

Party. That’ll be the day, eh?

2 comments on “No longer egregious Greta

  1. Blue Witch

    Glad she’s reunited with her fellow/fowlkind. I’ve never understood why hens moult just as it’s getting to the coldest time of the year.

    Drawing is probably the hardest art form to start with. Top tip: when drawing, remember you’re not trying to produce a camera-like image, but rather to produce a representation of the ‘essence’ of whatever it is that you are drawing. Given how musical you are, and your love of things mathematical, your right brain (artistic side) is definitely waiting to be unleashed. Turn off your inner critic and enjoy the ride!

    I don’t know which book you have (so it may well start with what I’m about to say), but if you start to struggle, just do everything it says with your non-dominant hand, with your eyes closed, or with a thick marker pen (or any 2 or all 3!), to lose the fear of the blank page.

    1. Z Post author

      The book is “Drawing on the right side of the brain” – the thing being to trick the left side into switching off. One of the tricks she uses is drawing upside down, but I haven’t got as far as the tuition part yet. I don’t quite have the will to do it today! And yes, fear of the blank page. Isn’t it silly?


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