New key (not the place in Cornwall, that’s spelt different)

The side door key has been sticky, despite applications of WD40. So Alex kindly bought and fitted a new lock. Totes amazing speed, I’d assumed *any time this year* but he was back next day. And he’s getting new keys cut for me and will bring them tomorrow. So no need to worry about a sticky key in future, which I’m very grateful for.

I had lunch with Rose at the local farm shop + cafe, which was excellent. I’d used the last of the ketchup last night, so visited the deli this morning – a sure-fire way of spending £50 that is – and then the greengrocer for asparagus, which didn’t stop me buying ludicrous quantities of veg. Then I visited the meat counter at the farm shop. It’s been an expensive day.

I feel reasonably okay today, though. Spending silly amounts of money on food doesn’t count as overspending and it was lovely to chat to Rose and Al. I’m holding on to what’s good. Tomorrow, I might list those good things, but I want a bath and bed now.

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