Live wire

The rooster was uncatchable and spent the night on the shed roof (the shed is inside the chicken’s greenhouse, he wasn’t out of doors) and, of course, he was fine this morning but a bit anxious about his wives.

The electrician came today to fit a new fuse box, which took quite a while, because the old one was very old and predated the rewiring of the house back over thirty years ago.  He asked me – “which is the back passage and old larder?” (which turned out to be the big dining room, for which I can see a reason but anyone who didn’t live here wouldn’t have) and “which is Hilda’s bedroom?” and we went up to the attic and down to the garages and still there were a couple of wires spare.  He’ll do the other fuse box tomorrow and then install the new lights.  He’s done one, but ran out of time.

Sadly, internet shopping saves too much time and, if I say that, not having a day job, it must be all the more true for most people.  We needed a new hose reel – a second one, that is – and, having looked in Yagnub shops for the first one last year and failed to find anything suitable, we”d have had to go to Norwich and then still might not have got what we wanted.  So I bought it online.  I do buy what I can locally but I’m not at all surprised that so many shopping chains are in trouble.  LT and I were listing reasons and there are just so many of them.  It’s always been a wonder to me that any shop that employs a lot of staff can keep going at the best of times.  The overheads must be huge.

I got out of the way of shopping – which never interested me that much anyway – when my hip was bad and I couldn’t walk far.  But even 20-plus years ago, I wouldn’t go to Norwich in December because of the traffic and lack of parking.

I might have mentioned, all the banks and building societies have now closed in Yagnub, which, having a photogenic town centre and articulate shopkeepers, has made the national newspapers.  The big N&P premises has been empty for the last few months and various rumours have gone around now that it’s been relet.  But it seems to have been confirmed that it will be a florist.  This florist is one of two that’s already in the town and is only moving 100 yards or so, but it’s still an ambitious move.  It is a sizeable shop with two big windows and will get a lot of morning sun; not ideal for flowers.  Everyone is very pleased though – except the other flower shop, I daresay – and glad it’s not another junk or charity shop.

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  1. Glenda Barnett

    I know what you mean about trying to shop locally. I couldn’t find a suitable tea kettle and had to internet shop for it. I don’t like to get all the shipping boxes even tho we take them to the recycle container.


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