Heart grows fonder

The china has been put in order and the condition report has been done.  Photos have been taken but I’m not happy with them – my own fault, I did the set-up too quickly and it’s just wrong.  So we’ll do them again, but not in a hurry.

LT is away for a couple of days, and it’s very quiet.  Not that he’s noisy, but there’s a vast empty space here.  He’s not vast either (I’ll stop digging, by and by) but it’s his absence that leaves a black hole.  I’ve been looking for positives – I can stretch out on the sofa with my feet up.  That’s it.  Everything else is negative*.  He’ll be back on Friday, though.

Roses is also away this week and so I’m keeping an eye on her cat and chickens.  When I went through to make sure he’d got food in his bowl, I surprised Eloise cat, who was napping on her sofa.  She went outside after that and I haven’t seen her since.  Rummy cat came to join me for dinner though, and ate the chicken I’d saved (sauceless) for her, in great chunks with an expression of great joy on his face.  I fetched more and then more, but by then I’d finished my own dinner so he’s had to stop eating.  He usually lets me stroke him nowadays but he wasn’t in the mood this evening: however he kept his claws sheathed when he batted me firmly away, so I count that as friendly.  I’ve learned how cats react, I’m no longer wary of them, though I don’t intrude.  Obviously.

I don’t think LT took any of the figs with him!  How awful – I’m not sure if they’ll keep until he gets back and I might be obliged to eat them myself.  Oh dear.  How frightful.


*Um,  Check out the last paragraph.  Heh.

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