Good things at the Zedery

No drawing today, I’ve been busy. It has, however, been a very good day. The post brought two welcome letters, one for me and one for LT. Mine was from the taxman, confirming that my sizeable tax rebate will land in my bank account soon (that this indicates a significant loss of income in the 2019/20 tax year can be taken as read, but I got through it and I didn’t actually burn through quite all my savings, though it was a bit of a blow at the time) and, more significantly, Tim’s invitation to be vaccinated arrived. He went straight online and he’s booked in at Oulton Broad, which is where I grew up as it happens, on Monday.

The next welcome news was a phone call from Wink, who has the all clear to travel after Friday. So I’ll drive down on that day, we’ll stay overnight and come home on Saturday. She will need to see her surgeon a month or so later and then that’s it.

I was a bit short of jam jars, so had been decanting spices that I buy in bulk from pound jars to spice jars to free a few up, but then on the local Facebook page someone said she’d got a quantity of jars and would anyone like them? I asked nicely and she kindly left them out for me. About a dozen and a half jars and I left a pot of marmalade to say thank you, so we were both happy. I bought more oranges on the way home and the jars are now full. I don’t know her but I like the food she buys (as far as the jars show), she can invite me to tea any time….

Anyway, by the time I’d made two more batches of marmalade, done some washing and a few other domestic goddess things, I was too tired to do any more. I had a little lie-down on the sofa and then had a long, relaxing bath. We’ve had kippers and fried potatoes for supper – one can hardly call such an unsophisticated dish “dinner” and I have no plans except reading and playing online Scrabble for the rest of the night.

The next two days will be busy because I’ve got to get Wink’s place ready for her and I seem to have bought rather a lot of vegetables that have to be dealt with, but busyness suits me. I’m rather sorry to say that, because I dearly love laziness, but too much of it isn’t good for me.

2 comments on “Good things at the Zedery

  1. Blue Witch

    I’ve used all the jars we have at Coven Nord too. There are hundreds at Coven Sud, but here we don’t have kind people supplying us. Yet (and yes, I agree, you can tell a lot about a person from the jars they donate!)! The seville oranges have been wonderful this year – the marmalade is better than for years and years. Or maybe it’s the different water.

    Glad Wink is mending well.

    Do you buy your spices in large quantities locally, or online? I have now lost my Asian shop source, so need to find a new one. Those silly tiny pots from supermarkets would only last me a week…

  2. Z Post author

    Very good quality, a lot from the wholefood or farm shop, good taste in pickles too!

    I usually stock up in Reading from the Exotic Superstore in the Oxford Road but, of course, that’s been out of the question for the past year. There’s a Polish supermarket in Yagnub now and the woman running it is very helpful. There’s also a section in the Co op now where they have big packs of a few Indian spices. So I’ve managed so far.


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