Good things

Wince came today and asked me if I’d got more cord for the wheeled strimmer? Er, sorry, no I hadn’t. But I went down to the local shop and they hadn’t got it and then I went to the garden centre and they’d not got 4mm, which is very heavy duty. So I asked if anywhere in Yagnub might have it, and the only possible place would be the tool hire place. Which is owned by my cousin by marriage, as it happens. That is, the cousin’s son now, who’s the same age as Al, since his dad retired. So I went there and we eyed each other, not sure enough to greet by name. But then I introduced myself, so that was all right.

Anyway, he didn’t have it in stock but has ordered it, and Wince managed with what he still had. So that’s a good thing.

I’d meant to gesso some paper and get all ready for whatever tomorrow’s painting assignment will be, but I genuinely ran out of time. But hey. No matter. Time is on my side.

Best news of the day was a big surprise, because Tim’s probate has come through. I had very mixed feelings, it made me cry. But it is good. I can get ready to finish the dull and boring financial stuff, prepare myself for the ordeal of letting his house go – though it must be done, good to swiftly pull off the sticking plaster – and then I can just cherish his memory, however encouraging and painful that will be. I must let go. I still have Tim in my heart and I have many of his belongings, the house must go and I know it.

I’ve written a list of things to do and will work through it, having done the first things already.

I also found a vital document that I’d not put away properly.

Wince and I moved the chicken run. I was shocked at my feebleness. I must put in some bodybuilding stuff, I’ve really gone downhill in the past year. At one time, albeit with difficulty, I could move it myself. I couldn’t even shift a corner. This is dreadful, I absolutely must put myself in order.

When Rose and I were out yesterday, I was unable to resist the fabulous butchery counter in the farm shop. Their speciality, reared on the farm, is Jersey beef as well as Large Black pork. I bought rib eye steaks, local red deer venison and their own bacon. Wink and I have just eaten most of the steaks. They leave the calves with their mothers, it is a high-welfare farm. They sell the Jersey milk but only milk once a day because the calves suckle for as long as they need to.

I’m melancholy tonight, but it’s all right to be. There’s one thing that’s not unfinished, at least.

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