Frinking statues

A friend is a guide at the Sainsbury Centre, which is the very highly-regarded art gallery on the campus at the university in Norwich. At present, there’s an Elisabeth Frink exhibition of sculptures and drawings, so she arranged for a local Nadfas visit, and we booked in. And very interesting it was and most impressive … and we’re quite Frinked out for a bit. She was seriously good, and quite challenging to spend an hour with.

We went in LT’s car – he isn’t driving at present but I boldly suggested taking it anyway. It’s a good idea to recharge the battery once in a while, whether in a car or, more figuratively, as a person, and it is the first time for a few weeks that we’ve gone more than a very local distance. All went well, though six forward gears are still a bit puzzling. How to know whether you’re in third or fifth, or fourth or sixth, or which of any two even or odd numbers requires a bit of intuition that I mostly possess but which occasionally catches me out. Still, the car is a joy to drive and the acceleration is marvellous. The chap who dawdled along at 58 on the dual carriageway, to pass someone else at 55 and then, when he’d finally done so and moved over and then speeded up when I attempted to pass – HAH. I shot past with the merest touch on the accelerator and then dawdled right in front of him again, just for the sake of it. Because, why would he have done that? Really? Isn’t consideration for others a fundamental?

Anyhoo. Young Gus has got chickenpox. His mother is keeping him off school, of course, and from the spotty photo she sent, he’s not ill but he is blotchy. I’ve sent love and presents, for him and his sister, who has had chickenpox already so has no excuse to stay home from school. I shall phone Weeza tomorrow, as now she normally works full time in termtime and is fully occupied otherwise, we don’t often chat.

Termtime auto-corrected to termite. What? I’ve turned off autocorrect in Word and everywhere possible, but I can’t here. *sigh*

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