Four bags full

A big day today, because I carried out my duties as Tim’s executrix. Not that it was dramatic, the lovely staff at Lloyds Bank in Norwich did the transfers. I’d worked out the sums, but asked for them to be checked and took my ID and Tim’s probate, so that they were confident that I wasn’t being scammed somehow. So it’s done. I’m giving away more money, to his family and mine, but I’ve done the first phase.

I was foolish enough to buy 4 x 20kg bags of chicken feed. Usually, I buy 3 at a time. First, I had to remove stuff from the wheelbarrow – a lawnmower and a hedgecutter – then move boxes to get the wheelbarrow out of the barn. Then I shifted the bags into it and wheeled them across the drive and kitchen garden. 80kg is heavy. I couldn’t make the turn to the chickens’ greenhouse. So I carried one of the bags and filled the hopper. I managed to wheel the rest (3 bags is best) but the wheel got stuck in a rut, so I had to carry each bag to the feed bin, by which time I ached rather a lot. i’m sitting carefully now. I’ll take ibuprofen before bed.

I became excited by vegetables on Norwich market (local has quite an effect on me) and have overbought, considering that I’m out tomorrow night, I’ve ordered in food for Saturday and then Wink and I are away for Sunday and Monday. But I’ve eaten all I can and I hope that Eloise (daughter) likes runner beans as much as I do.

Because the ‘rat proof’ chicken feeder isn’t (rats are smarter than chickens and I don’t see how any feeder can be rat proof), I have to block it off at night. I have a bucket, an upside-down flower pot inside that, a right-way-up flower pot to block the catch and a little dish to make up the extra room. Since I arrived home, I’ve felt there was a smell, but I hadn’t been able to find anything. When I filled the big feeder, which takes a whole 20kg bag, I was going to tip out a few grains from the bucket. There was more than grains in there. An unfortunate rat had evidently got in, eaten a few fallen grains and then died of thirst. Awful, it was hot while I was away – I hadn’t asked Wink to empty the bucket but, on the other hand, she’d have freaked out at finding a live rat; or, indeed, a dead one. I’m so sorry, I won’t tell her as it would make her upset. I have no idea what to do about the rat situation. I can’t poison or trap them.

But this is a positive post. Tomorrow, I have an appointment in Lowestoft, interviews in Framingham and then an evening in Norwich. Busy is good, as ever.

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