Dowager Polly

Bantams still seem to be the focus round here. It’s been Polly, the last few days. She’s got mobility problems, like the Queen. She doesn’t walk very well. We trimmed her claws, but she still hobbles and she doesn’t always bother to come down from the perch. So Wink and I take her a handful of corn and a bowl of water and she seems to appreciate the attention. It’s evidently done her good, because she was out and about all day today. All the same, I’m not sure whether she’ll survive her next moult – she always moults very heavily and mopes for a few weeks and, last year, I thought I was losing her. But then the feathers grew back and she perked up again.

We went out for lunch with Al and the family, which was really lovely. Squiffany came over yesterday to help me with turning out – this is a project that will last weeks of Saturdays. The whole house hasn’t been ‘done’ for a while and it’s overdue. I’m going to be bringing in some of Tim’s possessions, so I need to get rid of anything that isn’t wanted, to make room. I was rather dismayed, a few weeks ago, to find a whole bag of shoes in a drawer and wondered why I hadn’t simply thrown them out? Although, when I investigated further, most of them weren’t badly worn, there was just some reason why I wasn’t wearing them any more, at least not then. One pair, almost new, had hardly been worn at all and they were too small for me. I can’t remember them and can only assume I was given them by someone else whom they didn’t fit either. Others had the wrong heels, but were in good condition and very nice quality. They’ve gone to the Scope bin at the village recycling, they’re absolutely good enough for resale at a charity shop. And I was fairly ruthless with the contents of the bathroom cupboards and so on. I also did All The Ironing on Thursday, which was three laundry baskets full and took me all afternoon, with a final hour in the evening. Al dropped Squiffany off on his way to work, at 6.30am on Saturday, which was quite disconcerting. By the time we stopped for coffee, I felt as if I’d already put in a day’s work. But I was pleased with what’s been done. I’ll be away in Reading next week, so I’ll leave a list. It’s the laundry room, larder and back lobby next time.

All sorts of festivities locally, which I haven’t joined in with at all. I can only be sociable in fairly short bursts and I went out for a Jubilee tea party on Friday in Norwich, which was enough.

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