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It started with the wallflowers.  I’d bought 20 plants and they have to be planted out.  I asked LT his opinion, over breakfast – I’d have liked to put them in the round bed at the front of the house, but the muntjac deer would eat them, so that left either the bed that’s the kitchen side of the Wall, which would be the most straightforward solution, but we wouldn’t really see them, or tubs near the house by the side door, which are presently full of geraniums and bedding plants.  Or they could be distributed between the two – which is what we’ll probably do..

Talking about that, I realised that if I took the tub option, I’d either have to throw away the geraniums or keep them over the winter.  Several times, I’ve brought tubs into the porch, but I tend to tail off from watering them and then overwater them, and it’s not hugely successful.

I’ll cut to the chase – it was decided that we would clear out the porch, which is about 10 foot-ish by 12  foot-ish, so quite a sizeable room, we could use it as a sunroom in the mornings, as it faces east and south – which happens to an extent, but it’s a bit more dual purpose than attractive.  We’d stop keeping tools and logs in it, and keep it looking nice.  And I’d clear all the tins of teas from the kitchen windowsill and put whatever we wanted to overwinter on there instead.

At this point, sensible Tim went off to the dentist and I cracked on with stuff.  Though, once he got home an hour and a half later, he helped with the putting away.  And it all looks very nice.  And I’ve whittled the tins of tea/tisanes down to eleven, I think it is, which are on their sides on top of the wine rack.  I haven’t done anything about the wallflowers yet, nor the geraniums, but I have potted up the hyacinths that I was given last week.

To change the subject completely, this is from the lovely next door village’s internet group –

Yesterday – “Hi – Taz our old staffie has disappeared somewhere last seen in the garden at fir tree farm.  He is 16 and quite disoriented deaf and slightly blind… please keep a look out
This morning “Hi all – Taz is still missing – he may have been seen on Parsons field yesterday, anyone walking dogs can you please keep a look out.  If you find him please take him home if you can.
This evening “Dear all  – Taz has been found just now in a ditch over from parsons field towards Topcroft alive and looking remarkably well. 
Thanks to all who offered help and searched their gardens needless to say we are soooo happy”

Village life, when it’s good. it can be very good.

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