Catching up, hanging on

I’m not sure how much I’m likely to post, I feel as if I’m shutting down and talking about it won’t help much. Though, as this is a record as much as a place to engage with people, I do feel I’ll regret it if I don’t keep up with events. I feel as if I have to conserve what communication I’m capable of, to do what I have to.

I went to Reading last week and, with the help of Tim’s in-laws, Al and Phil, everything I wanted to keep was removed. On the Saturday night, we had a lovely dinner with friends, I couldn’t quite believe that I was spending my last evening there cooking but I’m glad I did. The one person who couldn’t come on Saturday visited on Thursday for wine and a chat. I really do love and value my Reading friends, who have been so kind and supportive to me over the past months.

My house and workshop are full of Stuff that needs a home. I have my list and Squiffany and I will plough through it gradually, sometimes with the help of her kind parents.

After a conversation with a friend, in whom I confided about a specific matter, I had something of a meltdown on Thursday night, which I’m not over. I’m lying low for now, but I have now posted a very forthright letter to a (not very) professional who’s not been doing their (very important) job, in relation to the matter I confided. It’s posted, the die is cast.

Dear friends, of many years’ standing, have been in the area for a few days and we met for lunch yesterday. Asked where they were staying for the night, they acknowledged that they didn’t know yet. To their surprise, everywhere they’d tried so far was fully booked. So of course I swept them home for the night, it was lovely to have more time with them. Sadly, Lynn is losing her short-term memory and, though still the delightful, entertaining, intelligent woman she always has been, she asks the same question many times and, if you leave the room, she forgets you’d been there. Her lovely husband is a great raconteur and the silver lining is that she enjoys his stories hugely, as it’s the first time, as far as she knows, that she’s ever heard them. Wink and I fielded her repeated questions with effortless patience, we all know it’s not her fault.

Contracts might be exchanged tomorrow, with completion on the 24th. I’m relaxed. I’ve done my part. If it takes longer, it’s not going to inconvenience me, but of course I’ll cooperate completely.

Polly bantam is getting frailer. She eats and drinks well, but can’t move at all easily. I now lift her down to spend the day on the ground, rather than feed her up on the perch, which she can’t flutter down from. I don’t know how long she can manage like this. I’m considering putting her in a crate overnight, so that she’s safe but isn’t able to fly up to the perch, where she can barely hang on. Poor old girl.

5 comments on “Catching up, hanging on

  1. MOTB

    I rarely reply to your posts but I look out for them and wonder how you are when there’s a long gap between them. So many of the bloggers I followed from my days as Mother of the Bride have disappeared from the blogosphere (is that even a thing?) and I’d miss your wit and skill as a teller of tales if you vanished too. But I’d understand why.

  2. Glenda

    I’ve looked for you posts and hoped that you were just too busy and not feeling overwhelmed. I hope you get to a better place soon.


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