It’s been a busy week, partly with admin but also with auction stuff. I’ve had several people contact me about the sale and David and I, either together or separately, went to visit clients. I’ve just finished labelling 45 lots, ready to have their descriptions typed out in the next few days. He picked up more pieces today and I visited potential clients in Walberswick, but their china was Chinese, apart from one very nice jug that is English but not Lowestoft. If they’d had other pieces for the sale I’d have taken it, but I can’t really as a one-off.

Still, the journey was nice on a sunny day. My only problem with the car so far is that I haven’t worked out how to turn off the childproof locks on the rear doors. Every time someone travels in the back, they have to be let out, which is a damn nuisance and, I think, dangerous, as a passenger couldn’t get out in an emergency. The manual is no help at all. I’ll go into the garage next week and ask them to do it.

Otherwise, all is fine. The car is now covered with Sahara sand, as are most of the house windows, so I may have to wash the damn thing, only days after buying it.

I bought some wild garlic at the greengrocer today. It is a fabulous substitute for spring onions in champ. I had a bit plateful with a couple of poached bantam eggs for dinner and am going to relax for the rest of the evening. Perhaps I’ll watch tv, if I can find anything I’d like to see.

I must steel myself to do the rest of the admin over the weekend. The probate papers arrived from the solicitor this afternoon and I haven’t opened them yet, but I want to have them ready to send back on Monday. Also other papers. I feel panicky at the thought, but it’s less worrying to do it than to think about it.

Meanwhile, I realised yesterday that it was 19 years since my mother died. I do not know whether that is a long or a short time, or both.

3 comments on “Busyness

  1. MOTB

    Re locks: husband with BMW says if you open the back doors there is a little lever under the door catch on the door itself which you can switch on and off. At least there is on his.

    1. Z Post author

      Every car I’ve ever had has that lever, but this Vauxhall says you either can do it from a button inside the car or, if that’s not there (don’t think it is) there’s a red slot inside the back door and you have to use a key to turn it. There’s nothing red inside the door.
      It also shows controls randomly for left or right hand drive, the bonnet catch is shown below the steering wheel on one picture and on the passenger side on another.

  2. 63mago

    Regarding the car – be careful with that sand, after all it is abrasive. Throwing one or two buckets full of water over it before using one of those whirling car wash things may be a good idea – I simply assume that you use one of those car wash “tunnels”. BTW that lever for shutting doors is in my vehicle directly in the driver’s door.

    … sometimes I think time is nothing, as if it would not exist. In other moments I panick, when I realise how it runs out.
    I think it is both.


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