Birthday sister

My soup was so pretty. The description was cauliflower and truffle velouté with puffed potato and chives and it was as delicious as it was decorative. I’m not sure the picture does it justice, it really was lovely.

I had a dentist appointment at 9.30 this morning, which was a bit earlier than I’d really have liked, but it was the only time I could get it out of the way before Easter. It was fine, just a checkup and the dentist said that, as everything was stable, he wouldn’t need to see me until this time next year. Dentists are very pushed at present, there are simply not enough of them and I doubt he’s the only one who’s taking the pragmatic approach of cutting down on routine appointments. Of course, if I need to see him, I can book in at any time.

After that, I went in to Norwich as I needed to go to the bank. I checked the market on the way past and, as I hoped, saw there was some new season Norfolk asparagus. The jovial young bank teller asked me how my day was, so far? I said I’d been to the dentist, but all was well and I was going to buy some asparagus, so it was going exceptionally well so far, how about his day? He said that he’s started work really early, but he rather liked that as it was motivating. And I suggested that meant that he’d finish early for the bank holiday weekend too? Yes, indeed. So we both felt cheerful for our brief conversation.

I bought flowers as well, pink lilies for Wink and anemones for me. I bought tulips and roses yesterday, I’m pigging out on flowers at present as they keep up my spirits. Quite some while ago, I told our then Rector, when he asked how I was coping after my mother’s death, I said that I gauged my stress level by the number of candles I lit when I was in the bath. Some nights it was five. He incorporated this, not mentioning me, into his sermon – on coping, I suppose – that Sunday and afterwards said he hoped I didn’t mind being used for inspiration. I only sometimes have one candle at present, but flowers seem to be the substitute.

Anyway, after our very nice lunch, we just had asparagus with a poached egg for supper, followed by Dutch strawberries. They aren’t as good as the local ones will be in a few weeks, but there. It still felt like a treat. And then peppermint tea. I’ve promised to take Wink to the theatre when we find something we’d like to see, I haven’t bought her a present as such.

I woke up in the night with hiccups, which was such a nuisance. It kept me awake. Then I slept a bit, woke again, hiccuped again, dammit, and gave up for a couple of hours. Of course, then I overslept and had to hurry to leave on time. Luckily Wink had already said she’d feed the chickens and cats. When she took the anti-rat defences away and the lid off the feeder, two chickens had managed to get inside, which made her jump. I suspect they jumped on the cover which tipped, they fell in and it swung back on top of them. So they’d had a very good breakfast, albeit in the dark. Wince kindly filled the feeder up for me, I’d not felt quite like lifting a 20 kilo bag from the grain bin yesterday and had just taken a couple of scoops out. He’s a very kind man and a good friend.

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