Bedroom and board

Tim is working hard on the new wardrobes. The main carcase is fine, but the doors are not at all easy. We’ve got four double wardrobes to go in the newly-styled dressing room, plus one, a different style, for a spare bedroom. Since Tim is getting to grips so effectively with the four (two down and two to go), I thought I’d have a go at the odd one. But then Ronan rang and I gained an hour with my lovely son, so I’ve done nothing except stack up an awful lot of cardboard.

Tim worked so hard this morning that I felt that Cheddar and biscuits didn’t quite cut the mustard, so popped out for some lunch. I ended up buying some Co-op crab pâté and smoked salmon – I’ve found in the past that Co-op own brand food can be very good quality. I checked the ingredients list – 50% crab, then soft cheese, cream, crème fraîche, lemon juice etc – mostly, what I’d have put in myself if I were making it from scratch.

Tomorrow, we’ll mostly be making more wardrobes. This will run and run.

Let us know about the blog party. At present, the only preference given is for sometime in May, which is fine with us.

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  1. allotmentqueen

    Back in the ’80s I bought a flatpack wardrobe from MFI. It was only after I’d finished it that I realised that although the rail went from side to side the wardrobe wasn’t actually deep enough for the hangers, so everything had to hang at 45º


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