Any improvement on yesterday has to be good

Wink wanted some things from the supermarket and so I drove her in. We needed a couple of things ourselves, but I managed to return with two bagsful, as you do. Tim pointed out that we already have three tins of coconut milk, so a fourth was probably superfluous – but he helpfully suggested several recipes to use them up, too.

I’ve got more done in the last hour than I have all day. Dinner is an interesting mixture. I’ve no idea how it’ll turn out, though we’ll find out soon. I cooked bacon – whole rashers, as I had half a dozen and wasn’t sure how much I’d need: I cut them up and decided four were enough, so the others are in the fridge – half a red onion I had in the fridge, some mushrooms that needed using up, then mixed them all together.

Meanwhile, I cooked a parsnip and a carrot. Jane Grigson recommends not taking the core out of a parsnip until after it’s cooked. I tried it. She’s wrong. Just as much effort, not that it’s much, to remove it and it’s from a hot parsnip, so a nuisance. Glad I didn’t follow her advice not to peel it until it’s cooked. Separately, I cooked the remains of a cauliflower, broken into florets.

Then I made a cheese sauce. I put the mushroom mixture in the bottom of a dish, added the cauliflower – there’s not a lot of it, less than a quarter – and topped it with the sauce. Then I melted some more butter and tossed the parsnip and carrot, put it on top of the rest and it’s now frizzling away in the oven. We’ll see.

Simultaneously, I made a batch of sourdough and have also fed the starter. Only then did I sip from the glass of wine that Tim had helpfully poured for me half an hour earlier. And then I loaded the dishwasher.

That’s enough for today. That I feel the need to tell you about an hour’s busyness shows how very unbusy I’ve been otherwise. I even bought a quiche for lunch.

2 comments on “Any improvement on yesterday has to be good

    1. Z Post author

      No, ennui has set in hard around here. The food was pretty good, though I forgot to take the bread out of the oven – still, that just meant a delicious caramelised crust, so no problem.


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