A tank of pet newts and a couple of snails….

I had a ludicrous dream the night before last, which was funny enough to wake me up laughing. I couldn’t stop thinking about it and, every time I nearly dropped off again, the punchline (delivered by a talking newt) came into my mind and I had to consciously not laugh out loud and disturb Tim.

I’ve been dozy ever since, of course. But at least I’ve done the paperwork for tomorrow’s auction and spun a few more metaphorical plates as well, so I feel that I’m as up together as I can be. How I’ll feel at the end of tomorrow, I don’t have the foreknowledge. I know that at least 30 lots will have sold, because I’ve had quite a number of bids. I’ve sent them to the salesroom or sent the names of the buyers so that they can all be logged in and given individual numbers. I’ve totted up the sum that I might have offered to pay up-front, gone “HOW MUCH? Idiot” and transferred enough into one account that I can do it. It’ll all come back within a week, so it’s not actually a problem.

I talked to Tim this evening about the auctions and other things and realised, we both did, yet again, how much we think alike and get each other. I thanked him at the end, which surprised him a bit, but often I’m not “got.” And we’re going out to lunch on Friday, for sure. Planning ahead, you see. Gets you through the next two days, at any rate.

2 comments on “A tank of pet newts and a couple of snails….

  1. Glenda

    I wish you luck on your auction. I guess you have mixed feelings about it. Remembering past ones and thinking about its future.


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