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My children were talking about school yesterday – Weeza and Dilly both have a son at primary school, Gus’s school had already shut but Hadrian’s hadn’t. Dilly didn’t want him to go and we agreed that it was pointless and unnecessary. Because it would undoubtedly be just for a day, and so it’s proved.

How on earth is it that the government is taken by surprise every single time? They have had time to learn, but they just don’t.

Anyway, back to the Zedery. Wink has been doing more unpacking and I’ve helped her move furniture, so now even the back room is looking much better. She’s ordered more picture hooks, so putting up pictures will be next on the list, along with putting away the rest of the books. It’s all going very well. But, my word, how on earth do people manage if they’re considerably downsizing and have to do a full move in a day?

My drawing stuff arrived today, but not until the afternoon and I might be busy for the rest of the week. No great hurry, I want to be able to give it due attention. Tim’s a bit bemused by the whole thing and trying very hard not to be discouraging. Not actively discouraging, of course, but he can’t quite think of anything positive to say. It’s okay, I’ve long since learned to be self-reliant and be prepared to laugh at myself, and I don’t mind.

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