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I shopped for food for the first time in a fortnight (apart from the Christmas roast) and, I’m glad to say, Simon the greengrocer had opened the shop again. I bought a lot of fruit and veggies, though did actually restrain myself, because I’ve eaten so many nuts in the last ten days that, healthy though they may be, a Z can have too much of a good thing and I find them hard to resist. Harder than chocolate, certainly, though I did eat a couple of those after lockdown was announced. Because, although I accept and welcome it as necessary, I wish it were not necessary because of the actions of those who spread it to places where the idiots have second homes or persuade people to let holiday homes illegally. I’m still feeling very sad and sore about Jo’s death, don’t expect me to be my usual measured self.

Anyway, we’re stocked up. Also with deli stuff. I trust that the ready meals I bought there at startling expense will prove absolutely delicious when Wink is isolating before her op. I don’t begrudge the cost at all – but they’d better be good.

I had to ask my accountant for some papers that either hadn’t been sent or I’d lost. I’m honestly not sure which, but we’ve both apologised, which is the right way. They were sent encrypted, so I had to go through the ‘create a password’ rigmarole, which I’ve promptly saved on my computer. I’ve told Tim and Wink how to access my info if I were to pop my clogs. Their immense grief would turn to vast irritation in moments, if they didn’t know how to get hold of all the Stuff. All The Stuff, that probably should be.

I’m planning to buy a new phone. It’ll be an iPhone, that’s the only sort I’ve had for more than 11 years and it would be daft to change now. I bought Russell a different smartphone once, thinking that an iPhone would be wasted on him as he wouldn’t use any of the features. We both loathed it. HTP, I think but the initials could have been in any order or even a bit different. Awful thing and worse, Russell dropped the wretched thing and cracked the screen, so I couldn’t even sell it when I put things right by buying a new iPhone and giving him my old one. But that’s by the bye. I have to choose which vastly expensive phone I want and I can’t even go to the shop to choose it. I want to be beguiled and enthused, not pick something dully online. Still, the anticipation piques my interest. I should add, my present phone is more than four years old and the battery isn’t what it was. It’s still pretty good, in fact, but I don’t think I can rely on it for too much longer.

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