500 miles later, Z is back

I felt quite guilty, noting all the signs on the motorway telling me to stay home and not make unnecessary journeys; yet it wasn’t unnecessary in fact. Wink has lived in that house for 37 years and has a lot of stuff. Probably unwisely, she airily thought she could do all her own packing and the removal company would just do the moving, but it’s actually an awful lot of work, once you start emptying cupboards. Anyway, I have another carful and she’s on the last lap. The removal van will be filled on Sunday and get here on Monday, and she’ll follow a couple of days later (she’s leaving a bed and her dining table and chairs behind, so will have basic furniture and can bring the last odds and ends herself. I drew up a floorplan to scale so that she can tell me where the bigger items of furniture will go and anything I’m not sure of, and the boxes, can go in the big back room to be unpacked at her leisure.

My present car has an in-built satnav, the first time I’ve had a car with one. And it also links to my phone, if I plug the phone in. Which I do, because I like to listen to downloaded radio programmes when I’m in the car on my own. However, there’s a really annoying design flaw. When the phone is plugged in, it automatically goes to the phone satnav and there is no option to use the car one. But, if I have to stop and leave the car (and lock it) then it switches off and, if it’s somewhere where there isn’t a good internet signal, the satnav doesn’t come on again because it uses internet rather than GPS. When I got lost in the country lanes of Essex, I swore mightily about it because I didn’t know what the problem was.

Tim gave me, a couple of years ago, a fabulous satnav; the best bit being that it has voice recognition. So you can programme it whenever you need to without touching it and it works superbly. But there isn’t anywhere convenient to attach it to the windscreen. I tried several places and it was not really safe to glance at it. So, in the end, I stuck it on top of the car satnav screen. Hah. I know the way to Wink, of course, but like to use it for traffic updates and to check how long the journey will last.

Tim is off to his house tomorrow for a few days, so we’ll test the absence makes the heart grow fonder aphorism. I’ve got a lot to do here and he’s going to be busy there, so we won’t sit around moping.

3 comments on “500 miles later, Z is back

  1. Blue Witch

    Moving house, or assisting someone to move house, has always been one of the exceptions to official Covid rules.

    Much happiness to Wink in her new life with you. Must be exciting!

  2. Z Post author

    Moving house has been happening over several months and, in the first lockdown, some police were dreadfully officious. But I think there was little risk of being stopped and, of course, I did no harm.


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